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Quality Martial Arts and fitness training for all ages in New Zealand.

The Kung Fu Academy NZ provides Martial Arts and fitness training for all ages 5+. We give you so many options, you’re bound to find an answer to your Martial Arts and fitness training needs. If you live in Palmerston North, Tiritea, Linton, Tokomaru, Fielding, Ashhurst, Levin, Bulls, Sanson, Rongotea, Longburn, Kairanga, Woodville, Bunnythorpe, Dannevirke and the greater Manawatu region, then this is the place for you! Don’t think about it, we’ve already done the thinking for you. Just choose your option and join today! Better still, the first class is FREE!

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The Kung Fu Academy NZ was established in 2016 in Palmerston North as a modern day, usable Martial Arts system with traditional roots. We do regular Kung Fu and Martial Arts classes in Palmerston North. In addition we offer Birthday party entertainment, Private Martial Arts lessons, personal physical training programs, circuit training, self defence lessons, corporate lessons, School programs, fitness and strength programs and more! 

The Kung Fu Academy’s philosophy is to be forever strong, strong in mind, strong in body and strong in spirit. Qiang (), or strength is the prime character for The Kung Fu Academy. It represents the power and strength of the martial arts system. We use it to provide the best training experience and bring out the best in each and every student. We are the martial arts experts! 


People often ask, what does Kung Fu mean? Kung Fu means skill or discipline achieved through hard work and practice, not necessarily Martial Arts (or Wushu in Chinese). So what does that mean? For us, it means we have no limits in what we can provide to you. We learn, practice and teach fundamental skills which contribute to a healthier body, mind and spirit. We then put these skills into practice to teach a fluid, easy to understand system that enhances your training experience.


The Kung Fu Academy NZ specialises in Shaolin Kung Fu; but we have adapted it to make it functional and relevant to the real world. Real world Martial Arts and self defence techniques are critical to your training requirements and we are constantly learning and adapting to bring you the best of the best, real world martial arts training.

Another unique facet about us is that we are also academically qualified for the industry, with qualifications that enhance your training experience, such as our qualified Bachelor of Exercise Sports Scientist and Adult Learning and Educator. With the Kung Fu Academy NZ, you get the best of the best, real world, effective martial arts training. You also get traditional martial arts training and structure (and you get to play with weapons! In a safe controlled environment of course). We are #1 in customer service and satisfaction, check us out now!


The Kung Fu Academy’s headquarters is located in Palmerston North. As previously stated, we service Palmerston North, the many surrounding towns and the greater Manawatu region. Some of our options allow us to travel anywhere in New Zealand, check out  what we offer to find out more. Come check out our regular martial arts classes (for all ages 5+) which are based at our headquarters (check the map on the sidebar). For class times go to our classes page. Finally, make sure you check us out on social media (links at top right of page) and follow us to keep up with the latest and greatest events, news and tips.

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