Headquarters – Palmerston North


The Palmerston North Kwoon is the Headquarters for Kung Fu Academy NZ and the art of Yongheng Qiang Kung Fu 永衡強功夫. The Academy was first established in 2016 out of a school hall, from very humble beginnings. In a very short time, the Palmerston North Kwoon became the most popular martial arts school in the Manawatu-Whanganui region. This Kwoon is where Sifu Anthony and Kelsey Chan are based.

Kung Fu Academy Palmerston North


Our martial arts classes are perfectly suited for all ages. Our students range from 5 years old and up. The kids martial arts classes are designed to develop fine motor skills, build confidence, develop social skills, grow leadership skills, teach important self defence and life skills, provide physical and mental conditioning and much more in a positive, friendly environment.

Our teens and adults martial arts classes are designed to build confidence, help de-stress to keep peoples mental health at a good level, provide the perfect medium for physical conditioning to ensure that body stays toned and fit – and do it at all levels, develop team work principles, provide leadership opportunities and much more in a positive, healthy environment. Our focus is on your physical and mental well-being.


The Kung Fu Academy NZ Headquarters is home to our Chief Instructors. Sifu Kelsey Chan has over 25 years experience in martial arts and heads the children’s division of the Kung Fu Academy. She has extensive experience in teaching kids and brings academic experience to the table to ensure your children get the best martial arts experience possible.

Sifu Anthony Chan has nearly 30 years experience in a number of different martial arts and heads the teens and adults divisions of the Kung Fu Academy. He has extensive experience in teaching martial arts also and has taught in many locations around the country. Sifu Chan manages up to 40 adults each day as part of his normal career duties, so he knows how to interact with and get the best from many different types of people.

Our instructors have taught martial arts for over 20 years and bring a raft of experiences and qualifications to their classes at the Palmerston North Headquarters. Our focus is on you, the student and our classes reflect this. You can trust in us to put our best foot forward so all our students get the best martial arts training experience we can provide.


Come meet our friendly instructors and join in the fun today with the Kung Fu Academy. Our positive learning environment will help nurture and grow your children, allow you to de-stress and grow mentally and physically all while learning important and helpful martial arts skills. We can’t wait to meet you, so come on down and meet the family! Classes are every Monday and Thursday from 5.30pm – 8pm.

Our address is 38 Kipling St. Check out the map on the side bar or follow the link to our location.

Kung Fu Academy Palmerston North