First Kung Fu Grading of 2024

First Kung Fu Grading of 2024

The first Kung Fu Grading of 2024 is upon us. This year has flown by, and now you have the chance to achieve excellence by showing you’re ready for the next rank level. This year has seen the students more motivated than ever to achieve their goals. The gradings are an excellent chance to pursue […]

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Unlock Your Inner Strength and Transform Your Life with Kung Fu! Welcome to Kung Fu Academy NZ, the premier destination for martial arts enthusiasts in Palmerston North and beyond. If you’re seeking a dynamic, empowering, and transformative experience, look no further than the captivating world of Kung Fu. Why do Kung Fu? Because it’s not […]

December 2023 Kung Fu Grading

Final Kung Fu grading of 2023 The final Kung Fu grading of 2023 is upon us! The year has flown by and we have been presented unique challenges in the grading and curriculum space which has helped us grow as a collective. The resilience of our Kung Fu students has, as always, been impressive, and […]

September Kung Fu Grading 2023

September Kung Fu grading exams 2023 It’s nearly that time again! The second Kung Fu grading examinations are upon us. This year has been fraught with challenges. We are as always, impressed with the resilience of our Kung Fu students and their dedication to achieving excellence through the world of martial arts. Our focus now […]

Martial arts tournaments

The benefits of martial arts tournaments Martial arts tournaments have been a popular way for martial artists to showcase their skills and compete against others for decades. They offer numerous advantages for both participants and spectators alike. In this article, we will explore the benefits of martial arts tournaments, with a particular focus on Kung […]

Kung Fu Tournament 2023

KUNG FU TOURNAMENT 2023 | KUNG FU ACADEMY NZ The Kung Fu Tournament of 2023 that you have all been waiting for is coming up soon! Last years tournament was such a great success, we thought, lets do it again this year! We can’t wait to see the best come out of every student for […]

First Kung Fu grading of 2023

Mar 26,2023 Gradings by Sifu Chan
First Kung Fu grading exam of 2023 The first Kung Fu grading of 2023 is here! This year has proceeded at warp speed! Your grading examination is right around the corner and as such, here are the details you need to know. Our focus needs to turn to our GOALS (the pursuit of excellence = […]

Final Kung Fu grading 2022

Final grading 2022 My what a quick year that was, the final grading for 2022 is finally here! A bit of normalcy returned and we had quite a busy year, but it has been successful, as is evidenced by the huge growth in you, the students this year. The Kung Fu grading exams are another […]

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Empowerment is about giving you the power to exploit your true potential – to make you the best version of yourself.The Kung Fu Academy’s purpose is to empower people to achieve excellence through the world of martial arts. We want to help you and your children achieve excellence. Sign up today for term four and […]