Valentine’s Day Class


The Kung Fu Academy NZ will be hosting a Valentines Day special class for partners. This class is designed specifically for partners to enjoy each others company, learn some martial arts, get a good workout and celebrate love. All of this occurs in a nice, relaxing (and loved up) atmosphere. 

What is Valentines Day? Commercially it’s known as a day to celebrate love, the history of Valentines Day is right here: History of Valentines Day.

Martial Arts | Valentines | Palmerston North


There is an origin of love with the Kung Fu Academy NZ. Sifu Anthony Chan and Sifu Kelsey Chan both met a long time ago when they both trained together in Martial Arts. It was innocent beginnings and their love didn’t flourish tell well after, but they have martial arts to thank for meeting in the first instance. Today, the passion that they share for martial arts and their students only strengthens their love for each other, as they continue to do something they love together. That is why they want to share this experience with you, to give partners something they can be passionate about together. 

Couples | Kung Fu | Valentines


Want to come and join us as well celebrate love, passion and excitement? All you have to do is show up at the right place and at the right time. Details are as follows:

  • Where: 38 Kipling Street, Roslyn, Palmerston North,4414. Come through the entrance on Kipling St and the hall entrance is at the end of the courts.
  • When: Thursday 15 February 2018 from 6.30 – 8 pm
  • What: Wear sports wear that you feel comfortable in – something you don’t mind sweating in :)
  • How much: FREE. We just want you to enjoy each others company. 

Come along and enjoy the experience, who knows, this might be your couples activity that you both enjoy.

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