National Taolu Championships 2018

2018 Kung Fu Academy Taolu Championships

The 2018 National Taolu Championships is the inaugural Taolu competition for the Kung Fu Academy NZ. The championships are designed to test students ability to correctly conduct Taolu under pressure. Taolu, also known as kata, pattern or form are a sequence of moves put together to form one seamless demonstration of moves. Students will experience the emotions and pressures of competition as they vie for Gold.

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Competition is important for many reasons:

  1. It tests your abilities. Competition can be good for testing what you’ve learnt. It also tests your physical and mental strength and it also tests your heart, or your will to do things out of your comfort zone.
  2. It’s a challenge. With competition, not only are you challenging others and others are challenging you, but you’re also challenging yourself. In competition you can learn a lot from your opponent, but you can learn more about yourself.
  3. Inspire’s Confidence. The first and most important step in competition is entering the arena or the challenge. It takes a lot of confidence to overcome the fear of actually challenging yourself and others. Competition also gives you the confidence to believe in yourself and what great things you can do under pressure.
  4. Develops Teams. There’s nothing more inspiring or encouraging then cheering on your peers. Competition brings people closer together because everyone wants their team mates to do well.
  5. Develops You. In all competitions, there are winners and there are losers. Healthy competition is good for you, it pushes you past your limits and allows you to explore deeper skills and emotions inside you. It also teaches important attributes such as humility, empathy and gives you the opportunity to temper your ego. Competition exploits your weaknesses and highlights your strengths so you can grow and learn. Remember that it is always important to be humble, no matter how good you are, there is always someone better out there; and they will teach you more then you could ever learn just by practicing.
  6. It’s Fun. Most important of all is that competition is fun. You also get the opportunity to win a medal, which is even more fun!

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WHERE: IPU RECREATION CENTER, 57 Aokautere Drive, Fitzherbert, Palmerston North.

WHEN: Saturday 28 APRIL 2018, from 12 pm Onwards.

HOW MUCH: Spectators Gold Coin Donation. Competitors as highlighted on the Entry Form.

DRESS: Full Kung Fu Academy uniform for competitors, casual dress for spectators (PG of course).

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For any further information, contact Sifu Chan.

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