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Martial Arts for Beginners

Want to stay fit? Want to learn something new? Trying something new is often a scary and daunting task, particularly if you’re trying it alone. The Kung Fu Academy NZ provides the perfect environment for people to try something new, young or older. Our classes are designed to help beginners who have never done Martial Arts before, right up to the expert level. If you’ve tried Martial Arts before but want to try Kung Fu, then theses classes are perfect for you. We’ll help you achieve your goals with the added bonus of learning important life skills. Your confidence will also grow with each and every class and you’ll see results fast. 

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So what are our martial arts classes good for?

  • Improving fitness and strength whilst minimising injury.
  • Perfect for Beginners who have never done Martial Arts before.
  • Ideal for Martial Artists who want to try Kung Fu.
  • It’s also great for relaxing and learning with an easy going atmosphere.
  • Gives you confidence and much more.

Our relaxing, easy going Instructors provide a calm atmosphere for you to enjoy the experience, without the added stresses that can come from trying something new. You also get the opportunity to experience one on one teaching. We’ll help you build your confidence and tone your body.

What are some of the things you’ll learn?
  • How to make a fist.
  • Correct way to kick.
  • In addition to how to make a fist, you’ll learn how to punch correctly.
  • Using the correct type of guard for different situations.
  • Stances and their uses.
  • Identifying dangers.
  • Conflict resolution and much more.

Our  Martial Arts Classes will bring you out of your shell, teach you how to be cool, calm and collected and provide you with valuable skills you will always remember. 

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Classes are held every Monday and Thursday from 5.30 – 6.30pm for kids (ages 5 – 12) and 6.30 – 8pm for adults (ages 13+). The first class is FREE. Go to our contact page to ask us any further questions.

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