Lock-down Training Options

Lock-down Training Options


With the advent of the Level 4 lock down in NZ, we have had to foreclose our training classes until further notice. This means that all training is currently postponed until further notice. The good news – we have lock-down training options ready for you, so you can continue training at home.


Private Lessons: Our private lessons will continue via video conferencing. We have setup LIVE online sessions so you still get that important one on one training with us. These can be booked at any time, just contact us to book your session. Pricing can be discussed via PM. This is the recommended training option for the lock down period.

Group classes: We have setup online conferencing classes where you’ll be able to interact with your classmates. These classes will be reduced in class length to 30 minutes, with increased intensity. You’ll get the full class training experience with an electronic twist.

When are the group training sessions? They will be hosted Monday and Thursday, potentially at a different time that is more suitable to your day during the lock down. Watch closely and we’ll post training times soon.

Grading: There remains an opportunity to conduct the grading examinations via LIVE feed. We are exploring this option to ensure you have the ability to progress through the ranks during the lock down. The process will remain the same, you will still need to conduct a mock examination, get given a grading form, return your form and fees (all to be done electronically) and conduct your examination. You will have to book an examination slot which will be provided in due course. You also need to ensure your registration is up to date – check the front of your licence to determine this.

Once restrictions have been lifted, those who have conducted a grading via live feed will receive their official promotions at our first class back.

All options are available to KIDS and ADULTS. Options are also available to new students (less private lessons at this stage).


If you have been financially impacted by COVID-19, but still wish to take advantage of our e-training options, all you need to do is contact us and we can discuss training and payment options for you. We fully understand your situation. What we don’t want is for you to give up something you love doing because you can’t pay for it. Talk to us, we’re here to help.

If your normal pay is out of sync to pay for classes before the sessions start, let us know so you don’t unnecessarily miss out on training.


Pricing for our E-learning is as follows:

Private lessons: POA

Group classes: 1/2 standard pricing. Click here for our rates.

Grading’s: As per standard pricing (listed on the grading form).

Payment must be made prior to beginning the session. Payment can only be made online during the lock down period. Our account details are as follows:

Acct Name: Kung Fu Academy

Acct number: 01-0755-0438908-00

Ref: Name and reason, i.e. Joe Bloggs, Month classes.


If you’d like to join in on our private lessons, all you need to do is add us as a friend on Facebook and we’ll run it through messenger – search Sifu Chan and look for the logo, add us as a friend, we’ll accept and set up a private training session with you.


1. Download the web conferencing application ZOOM onto your device (PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone – you’ll need a camera and microphone on your device for it to function properly. You will need a valid e-mail address to register an account. It’s absolutely free to open an account.

2. Go to the add contacts option, type in kungfuacademynz@gmail.com and add us to your contacts – if you don’t succeed with this, simply give us your e-mail address and we’ll add you to our contacts.

3. Wait for us to publish the training times, then all you need to do is wait 5 minutes before the session starts where we’ll send you a meeting invitation. Join the meeting.

4. Things to consider, upon entering the meeting, everyone will be on mute. This is to stop confusion and so everyone can hear us during the lesson. If you would like to ask a question, search for the options list which will be at the bottom right of the screen – select “raise hand”, we’ll select you on our options and you’ll be able to ask your question. Other than that, you should be able to select us as your main screen (rather than looking at everyone else), by selecting the screen second from the left option.

5. Enjoy. We’ll usually have a 5 minute Q & A at the end of the session.


Make sure you look after each other and your loved ones. Check on your neighbours and stay strong through these tough times. Check out the official COVID-19 website for things you can and can’t do during alert level 4 right here.


Sifu Chan

BySifu Chan

Creator and Chief Instructor of Kung Fu Academy NZ.