Kung Fu Tournament 2023

Kung Fu Tournament 2023


The Kung Fu Tournament of 2023 that you have all been waiting for is coming up soon! Last years tournament was such a great success, we thought, lets do it again this year! We can’t wait to see the best come out of every student for this years edition. We have Taolu, both empty hand and weapons, Sanda sparring, Shuai Jiao sparring and board breaking.

Our tournament is designed to test competitors physically and mentally. The rigors of competition will test competitors courage, concentration, conditioning, competitive spirit, fitness, discipline, knowledge and ability to handle high pressure situations. Students will experience many emotions as they vie for success and ultimately, Gold.

The categories for this years tournament are as follows:


Sparring or Sanda (散打)/Chinese kick boxing, is a form of Chinese self-defense or combat sport. It consists of three basic martial arts techniques, punches (Quan 拳), kicks (Ti 踢) and Chinese wrestling (Shuai jiao 摔跤), mainly consisting of grappling and throws. It consists of three rounds where the competitor who scores the most points wins.

Sanda’s competitive history is rooted in unrestrained, barehanded fights in Lei Tai or elevated arenas. However, because these fights were frequently held between soldiers to test and practice barehanded martial skills, ability, and techniques, Sanda as a competitive event developed in the military. Rules were made, and protective gloves and other measures were adopted.

This year will see two different characters, traditional Sanda (散打)/Chinese kick boxing and Shuai Jiao 摔跤 which is an ancient form of Chinese wrestling. The aim is to ground your opponent without strikes, using wrestling and throwing techniques and can include Qin Na as a form of takedown technique.

TAOLU (套路)

Taolu (套路) is the set routine (form) component of a Chinese martial art. A Taolu routine comprises of a set of pre-determined techniques that are continuously connected and choreographed according to certain principles and philosophies which incorporate stylistic principles of attack and defense. These include hand techniques, leg techniques, jumps, sweeps, stances, balancing, footwork, seizing, throwing and wrestling. The two main categories are empty hand and weapons Taolu.

Taolu are the identity of a martial arts system and should be practiced with the dedication and respect that system deserves.

Taolu will be a component of the Kung Fu Tournament this year, where students will have the ability to display their skills with their own added flare. We look forward to the performances.

DAPO (大坡)

Dapo (大坡) or breaking techniques are used in martial arts to demonstrate the skills honed during the practice of striking. Traditionally wood or brick, would be used to conduct the breaking techniques, but due to advances in technology over the years, it is more common to see re-breakable boards made out of synthetic polymers, which still provide the same challenge, but without the wastage. They also minimise damage by reducing the likelihood of injury through splinters or cuts, thereby making it more attractive.


WHERE: Roslyn School Hall, 38 Kipling Street, Roslyn, Palmerston North.

WHEN: Saturday 24 June 2023, 10.00 am onward.

HOW MUCH: Competitors as per entry forms.

DRESS: Full uniform for competitors. Mouth guard, groin guard minimum required for sparring competitors (females chest protectors optional but recommended). Kung Fu Academy official head gear and body armour, shin guards optional. Spectators casual dress (PG rated). Competitors will need their own head gear for health and safety reasons.

For further information contact Sifu.

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Further details and entry form for the tournament are in the members area here.

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