August Kung Fu Grading 2021

August Kung Fu Grading 2021


It’s almost that time again! The year has gone by in a flash and it has been an enjoyable one with the students and family of the Kung Fu Academy. But now we must zero in our sights and focus on our GOALS, as the next grading examination is fast approaching. The August Kung Fu grading is right around the corner and we now need to really knuckle down on our curriculum material.

Your grading examinations are the culmination of months of hard work by YOU, the students. They are designed to test students aptitude, memory, understanding and physical abilities. The grading examinations are a chance for students to showcase their growth in their pursuit of excellence. Every grading examination should be one of those milestone goals you check off in your pursuit of excellence.

The grading examinations include striking techniques (Da 打), paired sequences (Chángguī 常规), board breaking techniques (Dapo 打破), combat sparring (Sanshou 散手), and the traditional routines known as Taolu (套路). Students are assessed in each category as part of their grading criteria. Our robust curriculum sets the requirements, standards and expectations for the grading examinations.

Kids conducting their grading exams

Information for New Students

Some of the requirements to be eligible for grading is that students must be registered and have a full Gi before participating. After learning their curriculum material, students will participate in mock examinations. If students pass the mock exams, their Instructor will issue them with a grading form.

Need Extra Tuition?

If you require extra training because you think you might struggle with your grading exams, fear not! We offer private grading lessons to help you through your troubles. It usually takes one session and then you are good to go – all you need to do is listen, learn and practice what we show you. Book your private grading lesson with us today to ensure you get across the line with your grading.


Details for the August 2021 Kung Fu grading are as follows:

When: Friday 13 August 2021, Kids from 5.30pm, Adults from 6.30 pm.

Where: 38 Kipling Street, Roslyn, Palmerston North – in the Roslyn School Hall.

Dress: Full traditional uniform (Kung Fu Gi and belt).

What to do: Show up at your allotted time and take the correct exam applicable to your rank. Make sure you have your sparring gear (where applicable).

How: Practice your grading material, show us your stuff, get a grading form, return it to us complete.

Excluding black belt grades, there are 20 rank levels in the Kung Fu Academy NZ. This requires a minimum of five years training to achieve the rank of black belt. Our curriculum challenges students in physical, mental and spiritual aspects. It requires great dedication, discipline and concentration to succeed. 

Good Luck and we’ll see you on the 13th August!

Sifu Chan

BySifu Chan

Creator and Chief Instructor of Kung Fu Academy NZ.