August 2020 Kung Fu Grading

August 2020 Kung Fu Grading

August 2020 Kung Fu Grading Examination

The August Kung Fu grading for 2020 is fast approaching! You should all be practicing hard every day to ensure you succeed in your respective examinations.

Our Kung Fu grading’s assess students on their curriculum material. Students are put through an examination which assesses their understanding and application of their curriculum material. Their success during the examinations will determine whether they are ready to be promoted to the next rank level. The grading requires thorough understanding of a variety of techniques and their application.

Grading’s include punching and kicking techniques, paired sequences that test one’s ability to react to an enemy attack, board breaking, sparring sessions and the traditional sequence of moves known as Taolu (套路). Students are assessed on each criteria for their grading examinations.  

New to the grading scene?

New to the grading scene? Worry not! All the information you need to know is right here:

You must be registered and have a full Gi before participating in the grading. Your instructor will issue you a grading form if you pass the mock grading during classes.  

Details for the August 2020 Kung Fu grading are as follows:

When: Friday 14 August 2020. Kids start from 5.30pm, Adults start from 6.30pm.

Where: 38 Kipling Street, Roslyn, Palmerston North – in the Roslyn School Hall.

Dress: Full traditional uniform (Kung Fu Gi and belt).

What to do: Show up at your allotted time and take the correct exam applicable to your rank. Make sure you have sparring gear (where applicable).

How: Practice your grading material, show us your stuff, get a grading form, return it to us complete.

Excluding black belt grades, there are 20 rank levels in the Kung Fu Academy NZ. This requires a minimum of five years training to achieve the rank of black belt. Our curriculum challenges students in physical, mental and spiritual aspects. It requires great dedication, discipline and concentration to succeed. 


Sifu Chan

BySifu Chan

Creator and Chief Instructor of Kung Fu Academy NZ.